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A Green Phlonia

Another personal project started from a desire to explore one of my daily concept paintings more indepth. This set explores a rogue Phlonian mech, and other Phlonian technology, such as weaponry and vehicles.

A dystopian future where plant life is scarce, wood is more valuable than gold, and oxygen is manufactured -- a group of scientists discovers a rapid growth agent able to bring greenery back to the world. Conflict ensues when they realize the ruling empire of Phlonia would much rather keep the status quo.

Photoshop, Blender and 3D Coat were used.

Shots of a rogue Phlonian mech, surprising and executing another in an abandoned warehouse. Set up in Unreal 5, environment assets from Quixel.

Design & 3D

Designs for Phlonian mech, modelled in 3D Coat, textured in Blender.

Designs for Phlonian cannon, a heavy, destructive weapon normally used at a far range. Modelled and textured in 3D Coat. Inspired by aircraft engines.

Designs for a Phlonian light aircraft, inspired by an various insects - highly maneuverable and used primarily for reconaissance.
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