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A Green Phlonia

Another personal project started from a desire to explore one of my daily concept paintings more indepth.

A dystopian future where plant life is scarce, wood is more valuable than gold, and oxygen is manufactured -- a group of scientists discovers a rapid growth agent able to bring greenery back to the world. Conflict ensues when they realize the ruling empire of Phlonia would much rather keep the status quo.

Photoshop, Blender and Gravity Sketch were used.


Planning, Sketches, Design & 3D

Initial planning for the sniper roof-top keyframe. Created in Blender, the focus was to explore different compositions and designs in 3D, focusing on graphic lighting.

This was followed by set dressing the rooftop and rendering a few stills to paintover.

I sculpted a pigeon, animated variations of the pigeon walking, pecking, and flying in a boid simulation system (Blender) in order help aid in creating dynamic shots to paint-over.

Design of the city through rough 3D concepting of buildings, skyscrapers, modelled in 3D Coat and arranged in Blender.


Exploration Sketches

Exploration sketch for the environment. A futuristic park devoid of natural greenery, only mechanical flowers.

This quick daily concept acted as a conversation starter for the entire project, I wanted to develop a Sci-Fi world and went back to this sketch to find inspiration from old work.

More coming soon.