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The Ghost Samurai

This personal project started from a desire to explore one of my daily concept paintings more indepth.

A rising daimyo's castle is taken over by a vengeful ghost of a samurai he once commanded.

Photoshop, substance designer, marmoset toolbag, blender were used.

Final paintover - Interior

As the sun falls, the daimyo cautiously approaches a mysterious light in his suddenly empty castle.


Textures for the interior and for the Daimyo’s armour were created in substance designer, allowing for quick iterations of colour schemes.

Textures for interior include: ceiling, floor, gate, pillar, walls, and far gate wall.

Textures for the samurai created: sword hilt, armour pattern.


Final paintover - Exterior

Rough concepting for exterior castle grounds - then modelled in Blender with photoshop paint over.