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Climbing Trees

Prologue to 'A Green Phlonia'

In a time of an energy crisis, a new technology nicknamed 'the haze' is developed in the form of parasitic mechanical flowers, it efficiently generates usable energy from the stored energy in botanical life.

Photoshop, Blender and Gravity Sketch were used.


Rendered in Eevee.

Final shots

Wideshot of entire hill.

Close-up of the haze flowers.

The climbing tree.

From the bottom we see dead remains of the trees, a few in the process of dying, and one seemingly climbing the hill, desperately hanging on to life. The Haze has nearly taken over this entire environment.

Planning, sketches, and 3D

Rough planning, I wanted the viewer to connect with and feel empathy towards the climbing tree.

The tree was sculpted quickly in VR (gravity sketch) deliberately with branches resembling outreaching human hands.

Renders and variations on lighting for the environment shot.

Other Worldbuilding Sketches

Early sketch of the factory where the robotic flowers were developed, surrounded by hills of trees.